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8 Healthy Lifestyle Choices

A healthy lifestyle may not only help with regards to your physical wellness but may have a positive impact on your general state of mind and extend your lifespan. The following list has a number of suggestions that you could easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

1. Exercise
Exercise does not necessarily mean doing a demanding workout at your gym. A brisk walk also does
the trick. The aim should be about 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity every week, with strength
exercise added on two of your workout days. Starting off small is fine. You could begin with ten
minutes of exercise and then build up your exercise time per day from there.

2. Nutritional balance
When it comes to nutrition, many people don’t opt for variety. Variety, however, ensures your body
gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. So make sure you incorporate a variety of
fruits and vegetables in your daily routine while ensuring that at least half of any grains consumed
are whole grains. Also, opt for healthy proteins like lean meat, fish, eggs, or beans. With regards to
dairy products, opt for those that do not contain fat if possible.

3. Keep your doctor appointments
Make sure you go for regular checkups, making sure you are up to date with regards to any
screenings. Also strive to manage any chronic conditions you may have such as high blood pressure,
diabetes, or asthma. Your cop-operation will ensure that your doctor is able to put you on the right
treatment plan.

4. Weight management
The best weight management ensures your body mass index (BMI) is in keeping with your age and
height. A larger waistline may put you at the risk of contracting future health problems like heart
disease or diabetes. Your risk increases as your waistline expands.
Please note, however, that your physician uses your BMI as a screening tool. It is not a diagnosis of
your actual body fat or general health, as various factors could influence your BMI. Amongst these
are your age and muscle mass. Your BMI should be seen as a starting point. Your doctor will be able
to advise you on the correct weight loss plan for you or be able to recommend someone you could
see in this regard.

5. Smoking kills
If you are a smoker, do talk with your doctor about this habit. He may be able to advise you on how
to stop. Also, try and avoid second-hand smoke if possible. This is because even low levels could be
harmful. If you have a history of smoking, talk to your doctor about a cancer screening. It is better to
be safe than sorry.

6. Alcohol limits
With regards to alcohol intake, it is always advised that you educate yourself on the topic so that you
can ascertain whether you have a drinking problem. Also, do not drink and drive. This puts you at
serious risk of causing an accident. Alcohol may also negatively affect your health. Your doctor could
advise you of the potential health risks involved.

7. Get enough sleep
Your body needs enough sleep in order to repair itself. This means around eight hours a night. When
sleeping, try for consistency, and going to bed and waking at the same times each day. Also, turn off
all electronic devices in your bedroom and try to relax, making sure your room is dark, cool,
comfortable, and quiet.

8. Look after your mental well-being
Your mental well-being and physical well-being are closely connected. To take care of your mental
well-being, take time to distress. This could mean making time for your family and friends, having a
hobby, or joining a club. In other words, make time to connect with other people. These provide
positive coping mechanisms with regards to stress management.