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Employee / Employed

Any person working for a company or individual and is legally resident in the Turks and Caicos Islands may fall into this category.

Self Employed

Persons working for oneself as a freelancer or as the owner of a business rather than for an employer can be registered in this category.

  • A person who is unemployed and seeking employment can register with the National Health Insurance Plan providing that they can show proof that they are registered with the Department of Labor as an unemployed person.
  • Unemployed person/s are covered under the plan for a period of eighteen months, within this eighteen month period unemployed persons will be provided with a registration card which would require them to have it stamped by the Department of Labor every six months while they are unemployed and also produce this booklet to the National Health Insurance Board for verification.
  • Unemployed Registration forms can be collected at The National Health Insurance Board Office in Providenciales, in Grand Turk and also on our website.
  • A subscriber’s unemployed spouse
  • A subscriber’s child who resided in the islands
  • A subscriber’s grandchild who is legal resident and whose parents are not subscribers to the plan
  • A subscriber’s parents or grandparent who resides in the island and who is not otherwise a beneficiary under the plan.

Any person who is receiving a contributory or non-contributory old age pension Under the National Insurance Ordinance or a pension under the Pension Ordinance can register under this category.

  • A student that does not qualify for registration under any other category of beneficiary may apply on the approved form for registration with the plan.
  • If a student is a foreign national his application shall be accompanied by a student visa issued under the Immigration Ordinance, in addition to all other required documents.

Any person whose income is sufficient for the subsistence of himself or his family, as certified by the Director with responsibility for social services can be registered under this category, but must be registered with the Department of Social Services.

Ward of the State

Any prisoner, a child in foster care or a person otherwise in legal custody of the Crown for the purpose of safety, care or treatment can be registered under this category.

Voluntary Contributor

Any person legally resident in The Turks and Caicos Islands and does not qualify under any other beneficiary category, can register with The National Health Insurance Plan as a voluntary contributor.